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Recent Invited Talks

Bio-Inspired Design: how to include ideas from Nature into your design practice.

18 October 2023

Online session as part of the Design Council's Design for the Planet Festival

Transitioning to net zero: lessons from biology

5 July 2023

Keynote Speaker at 92nd Textile Institute World Conference hosted by The University of Huddersfield

Bioinspired Design, Design Council meetup

23 May 2023

Invited Speaker at Design for the Planet, meetup #9, Design Council

What designers can learn from biology

4 May 2023

Keynote Speaker, Edinburgh Science Festival, in planatarium

Interview on Bioinspired Textiles research

12 April 2023

The sustainable fashion collective interview for podcase

What can designers learn from biology

2 March 2023

Invited Speaker Future Textiles Conference
The First International Conference at UWE Bristol, UK, March 2023

Bioinformed Textile Design and Technology

9 November 2022

Key note at Philippine Textile Congress 2022

Bioinspired Folding Structures

16 September 2022

Invited Speaker, Folding symposium Panel 2: Folding and Structural Performance

Bioinspired Textiles

15 September 2022

Webinar open to the public sharing findings from project

How can biology help enhance sustainable textile design?

30 March 2022

Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy

Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability

15 March 2022

Prioritising Sustainability: the role of policy in innovation of bio-based polymers for textile; Sustainable textiles session

Fashion Tech

17 December 2021

webinar and article on Athens and Macedonian news agency website

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