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Biomimetics for designers

Kapsali, Veronika (2016). Biomimetics for designers, Thames and Hudson, London


Book Chapters

Biomimetic principles for design of water repellent surfaces

Kapsali, Veronika

Biomimetic approach to the design of textiles for sportswear applications

Kapsali, Veronika

Biomimetic approaches to the design of smart textiles for protection

Kapsali, V

Impact of biomimetic principles on sustainability in the fashion industry

Black, Sandy; Kapsali, Veronika

Biomimetics and the design of outdoor clothing

Kapsali, Veronika

Biomimetic principles in clothing technology

Kapsali, Veronika

Fashion and function: factors affecting the design and use of protective clothing

Black, Sandy; Kapsali, Veronika; Bougourd, Jennifer; Geesin, Frances;

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