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Veronika Kapsali is a  Professor of Materials Technology and Design at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London (UAL). With a passion for pushing the boundaries between design and STEM, she founded the Active Materials Lab, where she conducts pioneering research at the intersection of biology, material science, and design. Recognizing her expertise and potential, Dr. Kapsali was awarded an AHRC leadership fellowship to advance the field of Bio-inspired Design.

Outside of academia, Veronika is an accomplished innovator, earning the esteemed title of INNOVATOR of the Year in 2014 from ITMA Future Materials for her groundbreaking work in biomimetic fiber technology. Her contributions extend beyond entrepreneurial endeavors, as she is also an acclaimed author of the book "Biomimetics for Designers," published by Thames and Hudson. Veronika's commitment to knowledge sharing is evident through her collaboration with BBC Learning, where she has produced educational films on biomimetic design.

Veronika's ability to bridge scientific research with practical applications has positioned her as a catalyst for innovation in her field. With notable achievements in academia, entrepreneurship, and creative pursuits, she continues to shape the future of materials technology and inspire aspiring designers and researchers worldwide.

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